I should say that I rarely get to go out of my country or even travel around the U.S. much.  The majority of my photography is done in my town and nearby locations and within about 100 mile radius. I find plenty of subjects nearby without long road trips or air miles.

Of course, I don’t object to travel I just haven’t had the opportunity or resources.  I’ve been a working stiff for some time and now find myself in the position of being able to retire.

So – get out and shoot wherever you may live, go wherever your feet, a car, a boat, a plane, a train or a bicycle may take you and share your images because many of us love to see pictures of places and people from elsewhere.

North to Alaska:

We travel 7/31 through 8/14/2015 on the Alaska Marine Highway as “Walk-ons” covering the Southeast Inside Passage route. Route goes to Skagway but our time was limited so we go as far as Juneau, over to Sitka and return to Bellingham WA, our starting point.  We chose this means of travel so we could get in closer to the coastline and have the flexibility of getting off and visiting ports at our leisure.

The big crise ships can’t travel as close to the coast nor do they offer the flexibility of the Alaska Marine Highway system. The stretch between Bellingham WA and Ketcikan is known to be the most beautiful leg of the journey. I booked everything online and only had one snag. The Wrangel leg of the journey was cut by the ferry system due to budget cuts or the like.

I am excited to see this part of the world and I want to meet some of the folks who sleep in tents on the ferry decks as many are known to do so.

We visit Ketchikan for 2 nights, Juneau for 3 nights and Sitka for 3 nights. It took some research and decision making on where to stay and what to see and do. Not every little detail is planned. We arrive in Sitka  on the last day of their Seafood Festival and of course we will explore this thoroughly before we even check in to our hotel so as not to miss a thing!


7/19 – 7/20 I travel to see Mount Rainier for my first time up close.  I’ll travel with my friend and we will be staying at the Paradise Inn.  I am excited to see the views and hopefully a lot of wildflowers while we trek.  I have my “senior pass” for lifetime access to our National Parks.  Yeah me ‘I am finally a senior’, my dream come true.  Travel time will be about 4 hours 1-way from Anacortes by car.

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