My Gear


Camera Olympus OMD E-M1 Mirrorless Camera System and lens. I have the OMD E-M5 as well. I gave up using the heavier Canon gear and haven’t looked back.  I will trial the Komperdell Camera Staff Walking Stick plus bring my lightweight travel tripod.  It should work like a Monopod and I hope it functions well in the field.   Komperdell

Olympus Camera and Travel Gear for Alaska Trip
Olympus Camera and Travel Gear for Alaska Trip



Osprey Meridian Sojourn, Wheeled Convertible Backpack with a zip out day pack.  I will use the day pack to carry essential camera gear for short excursions or hikes. This is an amazing pack/bag/luggage.   I tried out a version of it at REI.  I love the red-rust I found on line.  It’s a bit pricey but it is well constructed and has well thought out design.  Rolling Backpack

Hybrid Backpack Rolling Luggage with Daypack.
Hybrid Backpack Rolling Luggage with Daypack.


I am trying out Eagle Creek’s product line of Pack-it’s.  Specifically I am using the Compression Cube Sets, Ultra-light, eCube, etc.  These should keep me organized and my contents viewable and protected. Reviews are very favorable on these pack aides.  Packables

Backpack Tripod

I love my little MeFoto A0350QOT travel tripod.  It folds up to 12″ and will fit in my daypack and rolling backpack. It’s a handy dandy little travel tripod that is sturdy enough for my Olympus Mirrorless OMD EM-1 system.  Not for SLR’s though. I have used for about 2 years now and is great for short travel trips. I have a heavier duty tripod I use when I think I am out trying to do professional gallery images. Tripod


It’s often a struggle to decide on what to take especially if you are going to have a mix of weather conditions. I’ve packed and repacked, tried out different jackets and hats, and had to scrap items I had planned to take because of lack of space. I still feel like my bag is too heavy.

I think my two most used items will be my Outdoor Research rain hat and my Outdoor Research Gore-tex rain jacket. The hat has ear flaps that can tuck away if its cold, a wide brim and a tie. The jacket is lightweight, breathable, has great adjustable hood design and zips open to biceps. I have other layering items and adjustable length hiking pants and such.

The idea that this hybrid rolling backpack might be toted around by me on my back is being quickly discarded! I feel like an inefficient packer but come on I’m going for 2 weeks and what can I do?

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