About Me

Thank you for stopping by!

I am a semi-pro photographer, soon to be retired office worker, a grandmother, sister and friend.
My style of photography is varied and includes scenic landscapes, seascapes, maritime photography, food photography, industrial imagery and scenics, macro work, nature, environment/lifestyle, candid portraits and street photography.  I would rather take a photo than be in one.

I was encouraged by friends to create a blog so that they could read about and see photos of my upcoming trip to Alaska with my sister. I have never done this before so please excuse my newbieness!  I am a bit quiet and shy by nature but at the same time I like to make people laugh.  I am a good listener.  I like to play Pinochle and other card games. Design and components of the blog are under development but here is a start.

You will see where we go, who we meet, the sites we see and the food we eat. I can’t wait to meet some our fellow travelers, many of whom, will be camping on deck. We are not that adventurous and decided on berths as accommodations.

I will post images in a gallery that feature some of my past work and provide a link to my general Flickr photostream.

It seems I have something to say about stuff so I have begun my venture into blogging.

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