One would think that when you make this decision that you are fully ready; that you can walk away and not wonder if you should somehow stay connected or worry that you will not feel fulfilled and what am I going to do with my time.

It’s been over 3 months now since I left full time employment and you know what “I am all right with it”.  For quite awhile I still woke up at my typical 0530 but now it is not that early.

I have been filling my time in volunteering in a community service of bible education.  I have been able to travel to visit family and friends and I hope to be able to travel to some of the places on my bucket list.

I’ll keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. I was able to receive the beautiful pictures of Ketchican and this nice post about life today. It was fun cleaning with you today and please send picture of group. Thanks, Donna


  2. Hi Dana!

    It’s a pleasure to get word from you. I haven’t read your post yet but will shortly. I’m in Bellingham checking on the restoration of my ’57 Thunderbird, now in progress. The attached photo of it was taken in the parking lot of the SeaMart grocery store in Sitka as I was bringing it down to Washington. When the project is complete the color will be robin’s egg blue and it’ll have a white porthole top, the way my wife wants it. What guys won’t do to keep them happy!

    Best regards,



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