Ketchikan – Part II

Ketchikan fascinated me; there was so much native historical heritage that has been preserved. On the Alaska state ferries we viewed a few documentary films of Ketchikan’s history and how fishing, logging, gold, oil and then tourism developed. Bush Pilots were central to putting Alaska on the map.  If you plan a trip you might want to go to your local library and brush up on available history beforehand.

Harbor and Marina Docks

Totem Heritage Center & City Park Walking Tour

Saxman Village Totem Park

John Denney, pictured below, and his brother are the last 2 individuals born at Saxman.  He no longer lives there.  Saxman Village is now only a collection of houses with the chief having the only one with totem poles in front of his house.  John is a wealth of information and hopefully you can talk to him when you visit the village.


Beach Below Saxman Village

I don’t know if all the debris is from shipwreck or if pieces may have been abandoned.  They are all anchored and tied down so they won’t float away.  A zodiac boat tour came along and I could tell the guide was speaking about this beach and expect there is some history about this spot.


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