William “Ism’s”

I met William on the Chenege catamaran or fast ferry going from Juneau to Sitka.  Here is a bit of his story.  We stopped over in Angoon where William originally was from until his house burned down.  He then moved to Juneau where he got a job at a government hospital as a janitor.  He started uneducated but went to night school and eventually worked his way up to head janitor of the facility. He said you find out who your friends are as you climb the ladder.  He has now been retired for 12 years.

William says laughter is very important in marriage and life and it helped him get through having cancer in 3 places all at once.  He said just before surgery and going under while 2 nurses were by his side and 2 doctors were nearby he said “doc, doc, doc” and they said “what, what, what “?  He said can I have a facelift too?

William said to me if you use soap be sure and wash it all off with cold water and do a final rinse off of your feet again. Soap isn’t good for you and just use perfume in these places (which he then demonstrated).

The reason he looks like such a young 78 is that he does not drink, smoke, take drugs and he never carries other people’s problems on his shoulders. If some one has an issue with him that is their problem.

William's Story
William’s Story

When his toe nails got infected he told the doctor to take all the toe nails off and the doctor said to him you don’t know what you are asking and wouldn’t do it.  When he went home he walked barefoot in the snow for an hour every day for a month and the infection went away because germs can’t live in the cold.

When he was working on a fishing boat there was a man who didn’t like him and he called out to William “hey Indian” and William tore off his wet shirt and threw it down on the ground and went over to the other man and said “how”!  Everyone laughed and it was better after that.

One time whe he was having a drink at a restaurant bar when a woman came and sat down next to him and boy did she smell. He was relieved when she soon left and then he realized that he had stepped in dog doo and that he was the one who stunk.

When he was with his wife they ran into a nurse who worked with William.  William said he didn’t remember her and his wife said sure you do! William said he didn’t but said I’ll give you a hug anyway and then said “I remember you now”!  His wife the socked him.

I didn’t get all Williams’s ism’s down in writing but have shared what I remember.  What a character and sweet man he is.

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