Packing Woes

Did I say how easy it was to pack for 2 weeks to go to Alaska, to be prepared with layers, for rain and cold, for a max temp of about 64 degrees, 16 hours of daylight and carry camera gear along with necessaries and tote this with me from boat to land, stay a few days, then back to another boat x3 stops?

Was that the longest run on sentence you ever read cause I was going for a record?

Did I say I was going to lay around the pool or something? No, but I am sightseeing and hiking, and catching a seaplane and sometimes renting a car, checking out the seafood restaurants, hunting for a good cup of coffee and all while looking good doing this. Do they have good coffee in Alaska in the SE region? Does anyone know?  I visit Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka.

Oh my, my bag is looking bulbous and I only have one side zipped! Bulbous looks good on a ship and I am traveling on Alaska State Ferries so perhaps I will be “looking good” with my load. My Osprey bag is both for wearing as a backpack or wheeled as I choose.
Well – I won’t be carrying this baby!

3 thoughts on “Packing Woes

  1. Hope boarding went well and you’re enjoying the sites. I’ll have to show you the backpack I used to travel in Madrid with 4 two weeks. Talk about the art of packing! Luv ya! Anne

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