The Mountain, It’s Meadows and Waters

I had always wanted to see Mount Rainier and last Sunday I finally made it there.  My friend Terri and I were on the road at 0630 heading south toward Seattle.  It took us about 4.5 hours.  I booked a few months ahead and tried to guess at the best time to see the wildflowers.  I picked July 19-20.  I had ill fitting hiking shoes and that discomfort was never far from my thoughts.  We happily spent

From fellow Flickr viewers I learned I was 2 weeks late for ultimate viewing of wildflowers but that’s not to say that I was disappointed as I saw plenty of color and beautiful scenery. Out here in the Pacific Northwest we had an early and warm summer forcing early blooming of everything.  The warm sun was intoxicating and the smell of the fir and pines along the trails was heavenly.

Beautiful Landscape
Beautiful Landscape of Edith Creek along the trails

We stayed at Paradise Inn, a charming lodge built in 1910, situated with scenic mountains all around. Paradise Inn was a fun, welcoming and quaint old lodge.  Look to stay there if you can, you won’t be disappointed.  I never saw so many hikers of all ages and families out on the trails.


Paradise Inn Mount Rainier

People Hanging out at Paradise Inn's Lobby
People Hanging out at Paradise Inn’s Lobby

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