Majahuitas Resort Adventure

My sister and I shared a week at lovely Majahuitas Resort in Mexico in 2013.  Relaxing beach side or on our porch hammock and reading a book was right up our alley.  I was very brave and booked a Groupon coupon offered for this resort.  Best decision I ever made!  The boat ride from a dock outside of Puerto Vallarta is where we began our adventure.  One of our highlights was the zip line excursion through the jungle.  That was a blast!

There are no phones and no wifi here so prepare for down time soaking in the sun, exploring the jungle or mixing with your fellow travelers if you like. The Casitas are solar powered and candles light the way to your bungalow in the evening.  The food was exquisite and the views and sounds of the waves crashing lulled me to sleep.  Don’t worry you won’t miss any meals because you will hear the gong from some distance away.  We didn’t dilly dally showing up for delicious gourmet meals.  Majahuitas is best for couples, friends, and adventurous adults.  Kids maybe bored. Majahuitas Resort

I was fascinated by the colorful and creepy looking crabs so I parked myself in the sand near the crab holes and waited for those big ugly guys to come out.  They were so shy that my slightest movement made them duck back in their holes.  I was there so long that I thought my legs would never work again.

Creepy Crabs of Majahuitas Mexico
Creepy Crabs of Majahuitas Mexico
One of the Majahuitas Beach Views
One of the Majahuitas Beach Views
Enjoying Majahuitas and Paddle Boarding
Enjoying Majahuitas and Paddle Boarding: See Simon & Erin’s review of Majahuitas

Amongst our fellow travelers were Simon Fairborn & Erin McNeaney of Never Ending Voyage, a young couple traveling the world, writing about it and creating digital apps for other travelers.  They gave paddle boarding a try for the first time. Majahuitas Resort

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