About Me

I am a semi-pro photographer, grandmother, and now a retired office coordinator in healthcare. I now spend my time volunteering, visiting family and friends, traveling and making new friends. This site will feature some of my past work in portfolio form as examples.

At the behest of friends I began by blogging about the 2 week trip with my sister as walk-ons/off passengers of the Alaska State Ferries taking the inside passage or South East leg of the Alaska Marine Highway. We embarked from Bellingham WA.  So blogging I go!

Though it’s common for many folk to camp out and sleep on deck my sister and I are opted for berths. Seemed a more comfortable alternative. I am anxious to observe and talk to the travelers who chose this way to travel and see Alaska.

Our first stop would be Ketchikan, then Juneau and Sitka with some added excursions and site seeing. You will see where we have been, sites we visited, the places we stayed, the people we would meet, and the food we ate.

The first leg of the journey to Ketchikan is 36 hours. How many times can we walk around the boat, play cribbage, read and blog? We need to find a 3rd or 4th for a game of Wizard or Pinochle.

There will be about 16 hours of daylight during the month of August and I hear all but the bars shut down in towns after about 6pm.  Goodness, what will we do with ourselves?

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